Jim Jones Revue: New single

The hard rocking, hard working punk n roll merchants The Jim Jones Revue have a new single High Horse out now, with the album Burning Your House Down due shortly. Produced by Jim Sclavunos of The Bad Seeds and Grinderman this cut indicates that a bigger budget production serves the sound well. While the debut album rocked like a motherfucker the sound was somewhat claustrophobic, not surprising given that it was recorded live on a four track in a tiny rehearsal space.

The JJR template is simple enough on paper, 50’s Rock n Roll hopped up on punk n speed goof balls, re imagined for the 21st century. Capturing this on record without losing any of  the ferocity of the live band will have been a formidable task for Sclavunos but by the sound of this he was more than capable, with the individual instruments now enjoying more elbow room and the sound in general more breathing space. I can’t wait to hear the entire album.

The Jim Jones Revue  High Horse:

Earlier in the year we spoke to Rubert Orton and Jim Jones of Jim Jones Revue about the bands journey so far, the recording process, opening for The Dead Weather and the state of the music industry in general.

The Jim Jones Revue Interview


5 Responses to Jim Jones Revue: New single

  1. Babyface says:

    Second best band around. Tremendous work.

  2. Babyface says:

    At the moment? At the more abrasive, unpleasant end of R&B? Thee Faction. http://is.gd/eAmST

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