Still Corners

There’s nothing like a track from a fantastic D.I.Y label to warm the heart on a Monday morning, the label being The Great Pop Supplement and the band being London’s Still Corners. Still Corners are releasing their double A sided 7″ Wish/Don’t Fall In Love this week and their hazy, hauntingly beautiful pop music has naturally drawn comparisons to Beach House, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine due to the breathy, almost inaudible female vocals. However do not let these comparisons allow you to believe they are simply another “dream pop” band who are being buzzed about to cater to the recent wave of interest in Beach House and their ilk. This group have actual substance, real songs.

Take for instance the track  “Don’t Fall In Love”, the sinister warning that implies that love as a maddening obsession which opens with an eery guitar line and vocal hook you would expect from the opening credits of a David Lynch film

Still Corners – Don’t Fall In Love

Still Corners – Endless Summer


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