New Sufjan Stevens

The new Sufjan Stevens EP, All The Delighted People,  is utterly fantastic, as always his pieces are world weary musical epics that are sure to delighted all those who have been waiting for this release for so long. Surely he is the only man who can make a lyric such as “I will kiss you until your breath is foul” (Heirloom) sound delicately beautiful. You can stream the entire record for free via Bandcamp or you can download the album for €3.96 while its physical is still to be announced.

01 “All Delighted People (Original Version)”
02 “Enchanting Ghost”
03 “Heirloom”
04 “From the Mouth of Gabriel”
05 “The Owl and the Tanager”
06 “All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version)”
07 “Arnika”
08 “Djohariah”


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