Republic Of Loose Bounce Back

Having been out of the blogosphere for the past little while I am very happy for our return to coincide with that of Republic Of Loose who have bounced back from a line up change that could have meant the end of the band. Specifically they lost two core members last year but decided to continue for at least one more album and as it turned out that album might just be the creative high point in their career to date.

Bounce At The Devil (Or Vol. 5 Johnny Defeats Satan)  is their fourth album and is a major step forward for the band. Not content to repeat themselves they took the experimental route and the resulting album is a dense multilayered highly danceable affair. I always saw them as a band at odds with their surroundings and even at odds with themselves, where perfect pop was served up with hot and sleazy slow cooked funk and lyrically on this album they appear at times to address this. Musically they incorporate dance and metal influences more so than before, with tracks now being highly complex arrangements that reveal more with each listen.

Rhythmically they far surpass their previous work, with percussion, bass and drums weaving tight knit off-beat grooves that the melody lines bounce off rather rest on. Highlights include The Bla Bounce which combines the abrasiveness of  Baltimore club music and irresistible pop to sublime effect while retaining a sweet and crunchy centre, and The Man which is the cleverest pop song I have heard this year. If this is the sound of a band reassessing their work and their direction then the old adage that personal crises make for great art certainly rings true. Rather than me rabbit on about this band and album any further, you can listen to this interview we recorded with ROL main man Mik Pyro recently.

Republic Of Loose Interview where Mik talks about the band’s history, the recent line up changes, the new album, the international distribution deal and the future for ROL…check it out.


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