Twin Shadow: Crawdaddy, Dublin

Released late last year Twin Shadow’s album Forget went straight to the top of many best of year lists, effortlessly earning its place. The debut from Dominican Republic born, Florida raised and Brooklyn reborn George Lewis Jr revealed itself as an instant success in slow-release chillwave Anglo pop. Softly sung bittersweet nostalgia, a magpie ear for 80’s pop hooks, wonky vintage synths and drum machines colluded in a work of haunted beauty. Musically and vocally Lewis was unafraid to revel in unashamed homage to heroes, but…and here is the crux: there was always far more going on than in the output of similarly inclined but lesser endowed contemporaries.

Reproducing the sonic detail of the record may never have been on the cards, at least not for an artist playing Crawdaddy, with a capacity of 300, but reports that a full band were in tow did keep the bar raised and the excitement simmering. On the day it looked like I was going to interview Lewis before the show, however this never materialised as the PR channels that needed to be navigated were under the care of small minded traffic controllers. (End of rant)

I got to the venue just after 9. Support act Solar Bears were on stage and Lewis was chatting to fans at the bar, unaffectedly. I furnished myself with a brandy and ginger, had a wander around the Tripod compound, found my friends, had a quick smoke  and then headed back into Crawdaddy just as Twin Shadow took to the stage. Lewis immediately acknowledged the warm vibe of the Dublin crowd by thanking them for the best reception on the tour so far.

Shooting Holes was a our introduction to the Twin Shadow live sound. Harder and looser than on record, the immediate groove now augmented by live drums. Flanked by his bandmates, Lewis displayed a rare presence of ease for such a young gun. He lead the band on his telecaster and cut a Prince-like figure breaking into solos and rocking out with extended jams on almost every track. This was what we had come for. Tonight’s short set included everything on the album and by the time the band had returned for an encore to the triumphant Ole Ole Ole from the ever excitable crowd it was clear that the 2000 people at London’s Shepherds Bush tomorrow night would be witnessing the same star ascending, now shining all the brighter.


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