Yuck: Yuck

Yuck’s eponymous debut album has been getting critical acclaim and slating in equal measure over the last few weeks. The fact that the album plays like a “Greatest Indie Bands of the Ninties Mixtape” can be taken either as endearing or just uninspired. However it is how the band, who have been together just a year, merge these very obvious influences that make the album so enjoyable and more than a few steps beyond the mere plagiarism they have been accused of.

The most conspicuous similarity is that to Pavement or Dinosaur Jr however they also encompass the lo-fi groove of Slowdive and the pop sensibilites of the Pixies. Also due to two of the members being from Cajun Dance Party, the music always has a polished melodic feel akin to Teenage Fanclub. That’s not to say that the album only has one tempo or flow, tracks such as ‘Sunday’ have the lonely mope of Yo La Tengo from their ‘And Nothing Turns Itself Inside Out’ album. Indeed the album is sloppy, stroppy and mopey in all the right places, the exact music you want to hear from a band in their early twenties. It is easy to dismiss all music as being a rip off of something from the past in the current age of music where everything seems to be branded as a revival of something or “post” something else. Bands such as Deerhunter and Pains Of Being Pure At Heart have made it pretty obvious they were probably scribbling the same band names on their school books but have made, or are in the making of, a nice little career due to their unashamed brandishing of their influences.

I don’t believe the music here will change anyone’s life and the band may not have as much to say as those they are in homage to but they do merge all of their influences together beautifully and bring a genuine freshness to the sounds many of us have lived with and loved previously.

Yuck: Get Away

Yuck: Sunday


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