Wye Oak: Civilian

A boy/girl duo from Baltimore, Maryland who make some of the most endearing, inviting and beautiful music of the last year. Nope, it’s not Beach House it’s their folk tinged cousins who bring a gentle touch of the hazy pop of the aforementioned success story of last year. Despite sharing a place of origin and a structure, it is not entirely fair to constantly compare the two bands –  at least not fair for Beach House. Wye Oak’s third album radiates a warmth unrivalled by many other two pieces and their sound harks back to both seminal soul records and classic country releases as much as hazy pop or shoegaze. It’s this mix that makes the album such a treasure in the current musical climate as it produces a sound that is distinctive but ebbs and flows enough to keep the listener interested.  Jenn Wasner possesses one of the most beguiling female voices that manages to shift between whimper to wail effortlessly all while never compromising melody or mood. Civilian is a thoughtful, exciting, beauty of an album  which has set the standard for the more awaited releases of the year.

Wye Oak: Fish

Wye Oak: Dogs Eyes


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