Milk Maid

Ah Twitter. I still don’t really know what to use you for rather than shameless self promotion, sarcastic observations and odd revelations such as “I appeared at the back of a news report on my parish priest who locked himself in his house for 10 days”. Like any social media tool however, music fans use it as a recommendation service and when you follow a host of our favourite bands, labels and journalists you are sure to find a few gems, although you still have to ween out all the links to someone’s boyfriend’s friends’s aunt’s mother’s hairdresser’s latest tune.

Scott from Frightened Rabbit tweeted a link to this band ‘Milk Maid’ who have just signed to Fat Cat and as you will hear below – it is anything but a dud. Yes there are playing into the whole 80s/90s revival sound of the moment but there’s a Ramonesy energy to their Pavementy slobbishness that is quite infectious.

Milk Maid: Not Me

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