M83: Midnight City

The warm and blissful bass synths rise like fog beneath the klaxon fanfare that heralds the arrival of Midnight City, the first single from the forthcoming album by French electro dreamer M83. Fireworks erupt fast and bright and the drums roll like distant thunder across the neon city skyline. The intoxicated vocal washes over us like a head full valium. The fog recedes, the air is thinner and the verse floats weightlessly on the bounce of a muffled snare. By the second chorus we have fallen headlong, lost in woozy rapture. All good things that must end should do so with a shimmering sax outro like this, sending us home giddy with our heads reeling. This unmistakably French sound is unashamedly indebted to the best that the 80’s had to offer, but M83 aka Anthony Gonzalez has always reveled in such delights. The single is available for free now and the double album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is released October 18th on Mute Records. Hurry Up, We’re Waiting!


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