Lost Lander: Cold Feet


Is there a void left in your musical collection in the wake of a new release from Menomena and the band’s many side projects including Lackthereof or Ramona Falls?

Well I think I’ve found the answer – Matt Sheehy’s  new band Lost Lander and it’s no surprise there’s quite a similarity between all the bands. Sheehy plays bass for Brent Knopf (ex Menomena/current Ramona Falls) and in turn Knopf has taken over knob twiddling duties for the band’s debut album “DRRT” which was funded by a “telethon” campagin. Indeed, it seems a bit like Portland musical incest but it’s definitely a good thing.

You can download Cold Feet by just visiting the band’s official site here in exchange for your e-mail.

Cold Feet:



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