Deap Vally: Whelans, Dublin Aug 27th 2012


Having just released their debut single Gonna Make My Own Money on Ark Recordings which recently merged with Irish label Rubyworks, Deap Vally brought their dirty blues to Whelans in Dublin on Monday night, as part of the Rubyworks 10th birthday celebrations. They may have been the opening act on the night, playing an away game, with all Dublin bands apart from them, but frankly they were the only band I had come to see.

The Californian duo had been generating a lot of excitement even without any substantial output. I know I was blown away when I first heard the howling soulful vocals, buzz saw guitars and pounding beat of that single. But could they really be as good live, and could the rest of the songs live up?

Yes, yes and more. The main difference between Deap Vally live and on record is how cool and effortless this shit seems to them , that and the fact that they are doing it in front of you, barefoot in bikini tops and hot-pants, whipping up a furious Rock n Roll sex storm.

Their set of all originals stuck to the scuzzy blues rock template, but each element excelled in delivery. Lyndsey Troy wails like Tina Turner and Robert Plant and her primal guitar riffs stick to your ears like tar, while Julie Edwards thumps out rhythms in wild Bonhamesque flurries. Crowd interaction and a mid-set technical issue were handled with ease via brassy American charm.

It’s only Rock n Roll, but very few do it this well. Expect great things.

We recorded a chat with Julie Edwards from Deap Vally before the show. Listen here.


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