Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Interview

The fizzy sunburst lo-fi garage rock of their 2011 debut album was a show staple as its 2013 successor has been since it landed. Songs like unearthed gems from a Wes Anderson soundtrack, revelling in the sonic detail of nuggets from a golden age of 60’s rock, proggy folky wig-outs built around Ruban Nielson’s guitar and voice, both familiar yet quite unlike anything in particular, now pulled into sharper focus with Nielson’s production.

I was lucky enough to get to sit down with the man himself for a chat in Dublin, on the afternoon of their debut Irish gig.

I was however foolish enough to believe that Ruban knew what timezone he was in. He told me twice that they were due onstage at 10pm, so I showed up at 9.45pm and missed most of their set. Gutted!!!… the band did however play a 5 song encore, including Pink Floyd’s Lucifer Sam and a Jay Reatard tune. Nielson and his two merry men, having doused the crowd with tequila, exuded pure joy and enthusiasm, commendable considering the shithole of a venue (THEIR IS NO STAGE!!!) that the unscrupulous promoters disrespect both bands and punters with.

…anyway before I digress further in diatribe, you can listen to that chig wag with Ruban Neilson aka Unknown Mortal Orchestra


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