Music Documentaries: The Smiths: Not Like Any Other Love and The Importance of Being Morrissey

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the first single by The Smiths ‘Hand In Glove’. Even before the internet, The Smiths have always been heavily championed, adored by ciritcs, the subjects of countless articles and media, constantly topping ‘most influentual’ and ‘best album’ polls and perhaps most impressively, a die hard fan base knowing no generational limits. We all probably have a friend who had a Smiths t shirt in school, and a parent/teacher/bus driver who had all of Morrissey’s lyrics stored carefully in their memory banks waiting to pop out at any given opportunity. Most of us have probably quoted lines from their songs to a significant or a potential significant other. There are very few acceptable reasons for not knowing The Smiths, and realising how they changed pop music.

For the obsessive fan, Tony Fletcher‘s book The Enduring Saga of The Smiths is one of the most well written and illuminating music books available. Below are some of the best documentaries on the band. First is the excellent BBC Culture Show special that was broadcast this week that really illustrates just how important the band were.


For the casual fan and insatiable fan alike, this is a doc made by Grandad in 2002, just try to get past the opening cover version.



This endearing documentary on the band’s former frontman was also made the same year. Definitely for the die hards but might just win over a few of the Moz haters too.



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