Documentary: JJ Cale – To Tulsa and Back

Yesterday, July 26th 2013 music lost one of the greats. JJ Cale is now being commonly described as an originator of the Tulsa sound, but what he actually created was the JJ Cale sound, which has since become synonymous with the music of his hometown. Essentially the blues with a groove, flavoured with country, rockabilly and jazz,  Cale’s style was minimalist, with a laid back feel, emphasizing the space between notes and beats. Nobody played the blues like JJ Cale but his style and sound can be heard in the music of many others. Eric Clapton made some of his songs famous and arguably Mark Knopfler built a career out of imitating him.

Shunning the machinations of the record business early on, Cale was a songwriter and musician who recorded and performed on his own terms over 14 studio albums.

If I could only listen to one artist forever I would live happily with just the music of JJ Cale. I first discovered Troubadour, his 4th studio album from 1976 and for me it will remain his masterpiece.

This documentary follows Cale on tour in 2005 as he shares his history and music.


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