Podcast & Playlist 09/5/14 Elastic Sleep Session



The Late David Turpin – The Hotel

Haley Bonar – No Sensitive Man

EMA – 3Jane

Sohn – Tremors

The Shaker Hymn – We Are Awake

Little Dragon – Only One

Jon Hopkins – We Disappear (feat Lulu James)

Teebs – Holiday (feat Jonti)

Skalpel – Salvadanio

Grenier Meets Archie Pelago – Tell Me Everything

Smoke Fairies – Want It Forever

GRIM- Blame

The Shaker Hymn – Hang You From Your Heart

Coves – Fall Out Of Love

Little Dragon – Pretty Girls

Ikebe Shakedown – Chosen Path

Elastic Sleep – Deep & Blue (recorded live session)

Interview with Chris Somers of Elastic Sleep

Elastic Sleep – Anywhere (recorded live session)

Plaid – Matin Lunaire

Metronomy – Resevoir

Oliver Wilde – St. Elmo’s Fire

King Of The Mountains – Zoetrope

Echaskech – Paper Scissors

Eaux – Peace Makes Plenty

Daphni & Owen Pallet – Tiberious

Ratking – Remove Ya

Melt Yerself Down – Release! (live)




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