New Clinic

Is anyone else suffering a tiny music dry patch? With Ireland’s largest Boutique Music Festival around the corner, gigs are few and far between which makes sense, and although there is some great new music coming out I have to admit that there’s only a small percentage that I’m confident will still be in rotation in six months time. Oh darn our new found disposable approach to music!

However in these oh so fickle times there’s always a burst of energy to be found when an old favourite releases a new album. Along with The National (whose latest album I loved, although the band do divide the Needle Hits The Groove camp), Clinic are in my list of old reliables. Above is the new video for their song “I’m Aware”  which features on their new album “Bubblegum” which shall be released on Domino is October. Losing their trademark sense of urgency for the single ,an all round mellower affair , it’s the type of song we’d expect more from Guy Garvey but you cannot miss singer Ade Blackburn’s distinct vocals. Below I’ve included a few songs which have make them a constant feature on my ipod. Do tell us about any of your go to bands in the comments.