Podcast & Playlist HWCH Special 3/10/14

For 2 1/2 years we presented Needle Hits The Groove on RTE 2xm and last week’s show was our last. It was our love of music that brought us together on the show and along the way we got to discover and share so much newfound musical treasure. Without doubt the highlight was having some of the best new music makers in Ireland join us in studio for live sessions and chat. To everyone who listened to the show we say thank you and especially to the musicians who shared the trip with us. Until we meet again.

Big love from Ann Marie & Níall. 

photo 1


The Late David Turpin – Cloud

Arborist – Epistle To Home (Live in studio)

Arborist Interview

Arborist – The Force Of Her Will (Live In Studio)

Carraiges – Iron & Fire

Myles Manley – Gotta Get Out Of The Country

God Knows & My Name Is John – SERIOUS

Brian Casey – Plain Sailing

The Vincent(s) – Song For The Sea

Tinoras – FuckShirtsAnd ZeroButtons

Carried By Waves – Sleepless


The Shaker Hymn – Hunter & The Headman

The Shaker Hymn – Interview

The Shaker Hymn – You Taste Like Nothing (On The Vine)

Conor Walshe – The Front

Kobina – Girl It Should Be

Contour – Change Your Ways

Elastic Sleep – Deep And Blue

Eamon Bode – Wolf

photo 2

GRIM -Love Is Such A Chore (Live In Studio)

GRIM – Interview

GRIM -Good Grief (Live In Studio)

Planet Parade – You’ll Be Sorry

Jet Setter – Cut Shorts

Princess – Molly

photo 3

Frankenstein Bolts – Anna Seed (Live In Studio)

Frankenstein Bolts – Interview

Frankenstein Bolts – Lost Shells (Live In Studio)

Replete – Appetite Life

Kormac – White Noise (ft. Speech DeBelle)






Podcast & Playlist 18/04/14 with Frankenstein Bolts in session



Lucius – Turn It Around

Thee Oh Sees – Camera

Woods – Movin To The Left

Eamon Bode – Wolf

Eels – Where I’m From

Ratking – Peurtp Rican Judo (feat Wavy Spice)

Kevin Drew – You In You Were

Ryan Veil – Gone

Ought – Habit

The Rails – Panic Attack Blues

Mac Demarco – Let Ner Go

Amen Dunes – Lonely Richard

Frankenstein Bolts – Frankenstein Bolts (live is session)

Frankenstein Bolts – The Bay

EMA – Nueromancer

Devon Williams – Flowers

SlowPlaceCalledHome – She Come In Colour Stereo

Yuck – Southern Skies

HTRK – The Body You Deserve

Eels – Kindred Spirit

Applescal – The Veil

Adultrock – Chants (Naum Gabo Remix)

Xeno & Oaklander – Par Avion

Hamilton Leithauser – 11 o’clock Friday Night