Glasser : Ring


The insistent percussive persuasion of the opening track Apply on this debut sets the tone for the wondrous and accomplished work that follows. Glasser aka Cameron Mesirow the Californian via Brooklyn (where else?) self styled ‘one woman orchestra’ has here created the blue print for a magical sound completely of her own. The sloppily bandied about lazy comparisons to Kate Bush, Bjork, etc totally miss the point…because the point is…this is an artist of singular talent and a talent finely realised. Within this short song cycle we are sucked into a world where simple and delicately weaved whistful melodies have at their pulsating heart a relentless sense of self. The voice here asserts itself as a conduit for pure emotion. What ensues is nothing short of a tour de force… this really is top drawer stuff. The playful synthesized backbeats offset with organic flourishes compliment the restless and haunted vocals beautifully, conjuring up an intoxicating, heady brew. Drink deep from this well. For this is the stuff of musical dreams.

Glasser: Apply

Glasser: Mirrorage