New Breed Of Irish Music

It’s that time again. Early December means one thing for music fans – end of year lists. The Drowned In Sound list is active and I can’t wait for the Ragged Words one as it always unearths something that I’ve missed. (the site actually have a feature dedicated to this at the moment and it’s quite a corker). Attempting to compile my list this year I began to realise this new wave of indigenous music that I’m really enjoying. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I see separate lists made for Irish artists at the end of each year, or when at an international showcase for new music and all the music from here only appear on one night together. I never categorise the music I listen to by country and I doubt many others do either, however quite hypocritically I now give you three artists that happen to be Irish but are trumping much of the international music I’m hearing at the moment.

Kill Krinkle Club – Golden Eagle

Sacred Animals – Chosen Seed

Bear Bones – Moonman

Perhaps I should have titled this piece “Three reasons why funding for the arts should not be cut in today’s budget”


Menomena’s new album “Mines” is out now and although there is many a corker featured, this video and track is still one of my favourites. From their 2007 album “Friend and Foe”, above is Wet and Rusting and below is some of their new material. Like their previous albums, their latest is quite the grower with more melodies and hooks revealing themselves with every listen. If you like what you hear you should also listen to some Ramona Falls and Lackthereof which have busied two of the band’s members in between Menomena albums. Now enjoy the music while I weep in the corver due to the fact they haven’t added an Irish date on their current tour.

Menomena – Taos:

Menomena – Dirty Cartoons:

Ramona Falls – I Say Fever