Podcast & Playlist 11/07/14



Lee Fields – All I Need

Old 97s – Most Messed Up

Analogue Wave – Dead Cat Bounce

Chrystyne – Illusion

Plank – Dark Web

Keyboard – Hungry Man

Eno Hyde – Time To Waste It

Archie Bronson Outfit – In White Relief

Helado Negro – I Krill You

Matthew Herbert – One Two Three

Sleep Thieves – Tusk

Lee Fields – Standing By Your Side

Rebirth Brass Band – Rebirth Groove

Reid –  Tarnished (ft. Woman’s Hour)

Carriages – Significant Landscapes

SlowPlaceLikeHome – She Comes In Colour Stereo (Replete Remix)

Woman’s Hour – Conversations (Fort Romeau Remix)

GusGus – Obnoxiously Sexual

Fran Seven – Time For

Sert One – Firewerks

Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window (Moderat Remix)

Eaux – Peace Makes Plenty

Diamond Version – Raising The Bar

Royal Blood – Figure It Out

MatthewDavid – Cosmic Caller



Playlist & Podcast 13/12/13 Best Of 2013 part 1

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Arctic Monkeys – Knee Socks

Yo La Tengo – Well You Better

Phosphorescent – Song For Zula

Cass McCombs – Angel Blood

Melt Yourself Down – Release!

Bill Calahan – Javelin Unlanding

Jon Hopkins – Breathe This Air (feat. Purity Ring)

Lasertom – All The Time

MBV – Nothing Is

His Clancyness – Safe Around The Edges

John Vanderslice – How The West Was Won

Waxahatchee – Brother Bryan

Cat Dowling – Cruel

Feather Beds: Airbrushed


As an artist I imagine it’s difficult to keep an air of mystery at the minute, even more so in small city like Dublin. However Feather Beds seem to be managing it. What they’re lacking in ‘social media impact’ and press photos, they’re balancing with songs of this calibre, the kind of shimmering, intricate and hook laden tunes you would have expected from a Grizzly Bear gone solo. Although seemingly in its infancy, the craft of both ‘Airbrushed’ and the previous release ‘On Your Deathbed’, suggests the outfit/musician may not be a newbie to songwriting. Either way, this project is definitely joining the likes of Ginnels and Carried By Waves in the current crop of our favourite new Irish music.

Catscars: I Wish I Had


The theory that recessions bring out the best in starvings artists and musicians is being held onto desperately by most culture vultures now more than ever. Maybe it’s our last hope, that instead of the cuts in funding and lack of income to be made, perhaps it will somehow provide something for art to respond to – surely music that says nothing has reached it’s saturation point (I’m willing myself not to list some examples emanating from this country but that just wouldn’t be productive). If the recession and financial hardship proves to be a source of inspiration and motivation then sooner rather than later Ireland is in for a landslide of genuinely exciting and enthralling artists, from the Box Social scene, Catscars may just be on the frontline of this wave. Their album Construction was released last month on White Plague Records, you can stream the album from the fantastic Swear I’m Not Paul.