Podcast & Playlist 22/11/13 with The Late David Turpin in studio


Kurt Vile – Never Run Away (String synth)

Cate Le Bon – No Good

Blood Orange – Clipped On

The Notwist – Close To The Glass

The Late David Turpin – Fur

Interview with The Late David Turpin

The Late David Turpin – Like Bird & Beast

Julia Holter – In The Green Wild

The Amazing Snakeheads – Flatlining

Tandem Felix – How Strange The Weather

Bowerbirds – Seven Wonders

White Denim – Corsicana Lemonade



Feather Beds: Airbrushed


As an artist I imagine it’s difficult to keep an air of mystery at the minute, even more so in small city like Dublin. However Feather Beds seem to be managing it. What they’re lacking in ‘social media impact’ and press photos, they’re balancing with songs of this calibre, the kind of shimmering, intricate and hook laden tunes you would have expected from a Grizzly Bear gone solo. Although seemingly in its infancy, the craft of both ‘Airbrushed’ and the previous release ‘On Your Deathbed’, suggests the outfit/musician may not be a newbie to songwriting. Either way, this project is definitely joining the likes of Ginnels and Carried By Waves in the current crop of our favourite new Irish music.

New Breed Of Irish Music

It’s that time again. Early December means one thing for music fans – end of year lists. The Drowned In Sound list is active and I can’t wait for the Ragged Words one as it always unearths something that I’ve missed. (the site actually have a feature dedicated to this at the moment and it’s quite a corker). Attempting to compile my list this year I began to realise this new wave of indigenous music that I’m really enjoying. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I see separate lists made for Irish artists at the end of each year, or when at an international showcase for new music and all the music from here only appear on one night together. I never categorise the music I listen to by country and I doubt many others do either, however quite hypocritically I now give you three artists that happen to be Irish but are trumping much of the international music I’m hearing at the moment.

Kill Krinkle Club – Golden Eagle

Sacred Animals – Chosen Seed

Bear Bones – Moonman

Perhaps I should have titled this piece “Three reasons why funding for the arts should not be cut in today’s budget”