Twin Shadow: Five Seconds

Without doubt Twin Shadow’s debut Forget was one of the standout albums of 2010. A masterclass in sepia tinted 80’s pop hookery, but ultimately a work far greater than just the sum of its parts. George Lewis Jr returns with album number two Confess on July 10th. Five Seconds, the first single from that album has been given a cinematic bells and whistles video treatment, the first in series of episodical videos to be released by the band. Sound-wise the tune is more New York New Wave where Forget tended towards Smithsy Anglo pop. All bodes very well for this sophomore release. Check out the video for yourself.


Chris Taylor, Twin Shadow, Solange Knowles: Kenya

Does Chris Taylor ever sleep? Not content with being a member of Grizzly Bear, his production work and running his label, the Brooklyn superman has teamed up with his prodigee Twin Shadow (you can read the review of his Dublin gig here) and Beyonce’s infinitely cooler sister Solange (she’s been working with the likes of Of Montreal in the last few months) to record the track ‘Kenya’. The song is available to download of a donation on ‘Music For Rain’ and all the proceeds go to the charity Replenish Africa Initiative. The making of the song and reasons why the aforementioned musicians got involved is below: